What’s this all about?

Hello and thank you for visiting The Ethical Food Club. If you’ve not heard of a food club or co-op before, I’ll do my best to explain it…

In a nutshell, a food co-op is a group of people who cut out the middleman by going straight to wholesalers for their everyday shopping. Depending on the amount of money that you spend at the wholesaler, you can find that the cost of your favourite products are substantially less than at your high street shop or supermarket. In order to access these prices, I have created The Ethical Food Club which I run from my home in Eastleigh and I’m inviting you to join me in my search for the best prices out there.

Personally, I don’t like having to spend a fortune on my shopping just because it is organic or healthy or chemical free and I’m sure you feel the same. It isn’t fair that food that isn’t covered in pesticides is more expensive, orĀ  that we have to spend twice as much on creams and soaps that don’t contain nasty chemicals!

By teaming up and taking our orders straight to wholesalers, we can live healthier for less, and the beauty of it is that the more of us there are, the greater our buying power and the greater our buying power, the lower the prices get!

The Website

The website is for members only. It’s no use if people who live miles away find the site and sign up because they won’t be able to pick up their orders. You just have to fill in a very simple form to register and access the co-op’s website and once you do, you will find thousands of products from wholefoods and health foods, to cruelty-free household, aromatherapy and personal care products. You will find chilled, frozen and ambient goods plus hard to find items that you won’t see anywhere else!

There is a forum where you can chat to other members in the Club, arrange to share larger bulk items or just catch up for a natter. Make sure you invite your friends to sign up so they can benefit too and help bring the prices down further.

Placing Orders

To place an order, add the items you would like to your basket and then follow the links to checkout. Collection days are every two weeks and the next date is always displayed on the website. You do not need to make payment until you collect your shopping. Orders can be placed throughout the week and are always ready to collect on the Monday afternoon when you will need to pay by cash or bank transfer. It’s best to place your order by Saturday evening because on Sunday I will contact you to substitute any items which are out of stock with the wholesalers. The final deadline is Sunday at 15:30.

Once your order has been delivered and sorted, you will receive an email letting you know it’s ready. If you can’t collect on the Monday, just let me know and we will make other arrangements. Collection is from George Raymond Road, Eastleigh SO50 5SZ.


That’s it!

If you still have questions, please drop me an email at hello@ecocollective.co.uk. If you’re ready to sign up and start saving click here!

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